4 Reasons You Should Add a Pinball Machine to Your Bar Instead of a Video Game Console

If you're thinking of adding a gaming element to your bar, you're probably thinking of using a video game console. However, pinball machines actually hold a number of advantages. Here are just four reasons you should use one in your bar instead of ordering a game console.

1. Novelty Factor

Pinball machines aren't quite as popular as they used to be, but that's something you should really view as an advantage. The truth is that almost everyone has a game console around the house; they might be popular, but people are getting progressively less interested in spending money on them in bars when they could just wait until they get home and game for free, albeit without a large plastic gun and huge screen. When people see a pinball machine, they'll often want to play just because pinball is a more novel game, and not many people have one sitting around at home.

2. Ambient Noise

One of the key things you need to consider when developing the environment inside your bar is the kind of background noise you want. You'll have to consider the music or TV that you want on, and you'll also have to consider any attractions. The loud gunfire of a shooting game, engine roar of a racing game or jumping around of a dancing game is going to be quite disruptive for people who aren't playing. On the other hand, pinball machines aren't quite as noisy, and the sounds they make are more pleasant than ricocheting bullets.

3. Social Gaming

Pinball is usually played by only one person at a time, while many modern video games will have options for two or more to take part. However, pinball is still a little more social. People tend to shut themselves off when they play a video game, whereas pinball encourages groups of people to quickly take it in turns every time the ball drops. This is helped by the fact that pinball is such a simple game; everyone knows how to play, so you won't get people worrying that they'll see a 'Game Over' sign flash up after being instantly beaten. Video games tend to encourage expert play, and not everyone is going to consider themselves an expert.

4. Retro Charm

If you're trying to foster some kind of futuristic styling within your bar, a video game console is probably going to work well. Of course, this isn't exactly a design that most owners would choose to foster; instead, many bars try to feel relaxed and laid-back. Pinball machines are a different matter as their retro looks go perfectly with a relaxed atmosphere.

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