What you need to know to ensure that your child's go karting party is safe and fun

Children will love the invigorating experience of driving their own go kart around a track, racing others and proving they are the best. For children over the age of 10, this can be an alternative and rewarding party experience. To ensure that the party goes off without a hitch, familiarise yourself with the rules of go karting and communicate with the parents beforehand so they know what their child should be prepared for.

Children must be supervised by adults at all times 

No child under the age of 18 is allowed to ride on the go karts at a party venue unless they are accompanied by a parent, or a waiver signed by the parent. When you send out the invitations for the party, you should make this clear to the parents of the children you invite. Enclose a copy of the waiver with the invitation.

Invite some of the parents to come to the party so that you are not the only responsible adult at the go karting venue.

Nothing may hang loose off a child

If there is anything hanging loose from a child, it may become caught in the wheels or steering of the go kart, which will lead to an accident. The children's hair should be tied up and all their clothing must be buttoned up, or tucked in. It is important that the parents know this before setting off for the party, so they can dress their children appropriately.

All the equipment should be checked

The owners of the go karting venue are obliged to keep their equipment in good shape, because it is used by many different people whose safety needs to be guaranteed. As the host of the children's party, it is ultimately your responsibility that the children who use the go karts are safe. Visit the venue before the party to make sure that you are satisfied with the standard and maintenance of the equipment. You could also ask the other parents at the party to help you check the go karts before the children drive in them, just to be sure that that everything is in good working order.

Helmets are compulsory

Anyone driving, or riding in, a go kart must wear a helmet. Make sure that the helmets the children wear fit them properly. If they are too big, they may slip off, or actually hurt the child's head if they are bashed.

Only drive in designated areas

At a go karting venue, there are clearly designated driving lanes, so it should be easy for the children to drive only where they are supposed to. There may be wider areas, for turning the karts, or changing drivers. Monitor the children while they are busy with the go karts, to make sure that they only stick to the designated driving lanes.

You and the other parents should keep track of all the children at all times, so that none of them wander into the driving areas, or try to cross the track.

Follow good habits when driving

The staff at the go karting venue will be sure to instruct the children in the rules for go karting.

They should always follow these rules and obey the marshalls along the route.  If any of the children are a bit over-excited, it may be best to give them a time out before allowing them to ride in the go karts again.

Make sure that all your guests understand and follow the rules of the venue and a go karting party will be great fun for all.

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